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Herbicidal Mulch Films

Product origin :China

Delivery time :15-30 days after payment

Minimum order quantity :5 tons

Herbicidal Mulch Films Introduction

This  kind of chemcial technology can help to control weeds.The technology is that the herbicide agent contained in the PE master batch to produce mulching film.

Take one side of the herbicide face down.When the soil vapor evaporates on the surface of the plastic film, it condenses into water,the herbicide dissolved in water,dripp to the surface of the earth  to help farmer prevent grass seeds buding before it grow out of the ground.

This is especially important in model crops like bean,cotton,peanuts,water melon,corn,rape and so on.

The benefits of the Herbicidal Mulch Films are:

1.Weed control

Herbicidal Mulch Films

Thickness:0.008-0.04 mm
Width: 1-4 m
Color: white, black, black and white, silver and black

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